Freaking Forge

Our new brand, “Freaking Forge,” we’re mainly focused on crafting handmade fantastic products for your tabletop gaming experience.

At Freaking Forge, we put our hearts into everything we make. Our team of crafty folks works hard to create cool things like dice sets, dice towers, and DM screens that make your gaming sessions extra special. Each piece is made with care and creativity, so you know you’re getting something awesome.

When you buy from Freaking Forge, you’re getting top-notch stuff that’ll last. We’re all about quality, whether it’s in our products or how we treat our customers. So you can trust us to deliver the goods, every time.

But Freaking Forge isn’t just about cool gear. It’ll be a place to find other gamers and play games together. We’ll host all sorts of events, from quick games to longer campaigns, so there’s always something fun happening.

Our First Event with Some Friends (D&D One Shot)