Video Games

Rubby the Duck

Rubby the Duck is a heartwarming and educational interactive visual novel video game project that follows the adventures of a plastic duck who teaches young people about material use and recycling. Join Rubby on his journey as he meets a cast of fantastically good and bad strangers, making you smile along the way.

She Got Sunshine in Her Pocket

She Got Sunshine In Her Pocket is a pixel art RPG video game project set in a steampunk, coal-driven universe. The player takes on the role of a young girl who is trying to find out the truth about her parents’ disappearance.

Ship-less Captain

Our rouge-like arena wave defense game project called Ship-less Captain. The game play itself while you have it on screen. Looks like a basic clicker game, but it is a little bit more than that. You start with blowing your sail and collecting some materials along the way to upgrade your life on sea, but you never know what sea will bring to you… Spatially, what memories and stories you will encounter about Ship-less Captain’s life.